Custom SMACC Application Development

As the creators of the SMACC State Machine Library, our Software Engineering Team has industry leading skill and expertise in the design of state machines for robotic systems using ROS.

Custom SMACC Client Development

The SMACC libraries use the concept of Clients as a way to control physical subsystems in a modular way. To extend the capabilities of SMACC beyond the current set of standard clients, our team can work with you to develop whatever custom clients you need. Want to connect to a commercial aviation autopilot system? You’ll need a custom client.

Performance Refactoring

Since it’s inception, SMACC has been developed in order to meet the high performance demands of real world robotics. We can help your team meet whatever requirements your project demands whether it be deterministic, safety-critical, or some other standard.

Custom SMACC Cores

RobosoftAI offers licenses to custom smacc cores for government and industrial clients. Designed to meet real world requirements for debugging, instrumentation and real-time performance.

Teams we’ve worked with…

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